Individual NSW COVID-19 Lockdown Support

If you are unable to work due to the Covid-19 restrictions, you may be eligible for one of the two support packages available. All individual Lockdown support packages must be applied for via Services Australia

COVID-19 Disaster Payment

This payment is a weekly payment, which is available to eligible workers who are unable to attend work, or who have lost income due to the current lockdown restrictions and are unable to paid leave entitlements.

If you and your partner have both been affected by the lockdown, you are both able to separately claim the disaster payment.


To be eligible for this payment you need to meet the below criteria:

  • You must be an Australian Citizen, permanent resident, or temporary Visa holder who has the right to work in Australia; and
  • Be aged 17 years or over; and
  • Be unable to attend work, and have lost income on or after day 8 of the COVID-19 lockdown; and
  • Not have access to paid leave through your employer (other than annual leave); and
  • Are not receiving income support payments, a state or Territory pandemic payment, Pandemic Leave disaster Payment, or State small business payment for the same period.

After the 18th July 2021, the disaster payment will be available to anyone in NSW who meets just the eligibility criteria. Prior to the 18th of July 2021, however, to claim the payment, the hotspot location causing the lockdown, must have lasted more than 7 days, as declared by the Chief Medical Officer. The full list of hotspot locations can be accessed here.

Alternatively, please see the most recent of hotspot locations and disaster payment accessible dates below:

Hotspot LocationDate of DeclarationDisaster Payment Available from:
City of Sydney, Waverly, Woollahra, Bayside, Canada Bay, Inner-West, Randwick23rd June 20211st July 2021
Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong26th June 20214th July 2021
All of NSWN/A18th July 2021

Previously recipients had to not have had liquid assets available of $10,000 or more, however this condition was removed on Thursday 8th July, and therefore no longer applies.


The amount of COVID-19 disaster payment that you are eligible for is dependant on how many hours of work you have lost in the week, and if the payment is on or after the third period of the lockdown.

If you have lost 20 hours of work per week or higher, then you are eligible for the higher rate of payment.  Please see payment rates below:

COVID-19 Disaster Payment PeriodLower Payment Rate Available per weekHigher Payment Rate Available per week
First and second period of lockdown$325$500
Third period of lockdown and more$375**$600

** This payment rate will apply If you have lost at least 8 hours of work per week, or a full day of your usual hours of work per week.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment

This support payment is for those who have been advised by their local health authority to self-isolate or quarantine for the following reasons:

  • They have COVID-19
  • They have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19
  • They care for a child who is aged 16 years or under, who has had COVID-19; or
  • They care for a child, aged 16 years or under, who has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

If you are a carer for someone who has been impacted by COVID-19 you may also be eligible for the pandemic leave disaster payment.


To be eligible to receive the pandemic leave disaster payment you must:

  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or temporary visa holder who has the right to work in Australia; and
  • Be aged 17 years or over; and
  • Be unable to go to work and earn an income; and
  • Not have appropriate leave entitelements, including pandemic sick leave, personal leave or carers leave, and
  • Not be receiving income support, ABSTUDY living allowance, paid parental leave or Dad and Partner’s Pay.

This payment is a taxable income, and therefore will need to be declared in your tax return.


The Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment is $1,500 for each 14-day period that you are advised to self-isolate or quarantine. If you and your partner meet the eligibility requirements, then you are both able to claim this payment.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, please contact Services Australia.

Eviction Moratorium

An eviction moratorium has been introduced to further protect residential tenants who have lost 25% or more of their income due to COVID-19 and the recent restrictions.

In this moratorium, residential landlords who decrease the rent for impacted tenants can apply for a grant of us to $1,500, or land tax reductions as assist them, depending on their circumstances.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or how we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on or 02 9299 2292.

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